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Further AR-1 questions...

Guest David Rawson

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Guest David Rawson

I had added to responses to my Grill removal question from last week, but realize that the content might go unnoticed as it doesn't regard the grill. So here are some more questions about my old AR-1's:

I'm not hearing any distortion, but there is a distinct lack of "presence" that I'm accustomed to with nice speakers like my KLH-17's. The midrange has a dead/cardboard sound to it.

Anything obvious regarding these settings?: I used a crossover set at 4kHz for the electrostatic tweeters that came with this system. Terminals A&B are connected (for two speaker vs. woofer). I'm using terminals 1&3 for an 8-ohm output on my amplifier. (The instructions on the back seem to expect the 4-ohm terminals (1&2) to be more typical use.)

I eventually plan to drive these with the Dynaco Preamp (PAS2) and Power amp (70) that were originally used with them.

From the responses to my initial question, I don't think I'll pursue any grill removal for a while.

The control in the back sounds dirty, but I can get sound at any position after working it a bit.

The serial number of the finished cabinet is #14499.

Any further information is appreciated!

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