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LayneAudio vs AR's 3A schematic


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The Layne Audio schematic posted on a thread elsewhere states that it has wwired the mid dome electrically out of phase to compensate for the 12 dB/octave crossover.

However, if one is replacing components such as pots purchased from Lanye and is attempting to follow the Layne schematic, one will encounter a basic problem. The original AR schematic uses 150 and 50 uF caps potted in the same can with three leads. The common cap lead is wired to the speaker common. Layne reversed the phase of the mid speaker by connecting the 50 uF cap to the tweeter terminal and the pot to terminal 1. The Layne schematic cannot be implemented in AR units containing this potted pair! It can only be accomplished in units with two individual caps. If interested, I can post or email the two schematics for comparison.

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