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AR78LS and AR18BX

Guest SGRineer

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Guest SGRineer

Hello All,

I have speaker systems available for anyone interested.

One pair of AR 78LS speakers (12-inch woofers and the combo 1.5/.75-inch mid/tweeter domes). The woofers need to be refoamed. Both speakers are boxed, one in an AR78 box and one in an AR98 box. There is one copy of the original instructions and one photocopy. An original brochure of AR line of the time is included, as well as, High Fidelity's 1984 review of the AR78LS.

One pair of AR 18BX speakers (8-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter). These speakers work fine and presently do not need refoaming. One copy of of original instructions are included. There are no boxes.

If interested, contact me. Thanks.

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