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AR18B woofers

Guest dogmeninreno

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Guest dogmeninreno

>>I have a couple of AR woofers with part# 200037-0 on the

>>label. Does anyone know if these are for the 18B's? Thanks,





>I think that woofer is specified for the 18s, 18B, 28s, MGC-1

>(Ken's "Magic" speaker) and AV-18. The 18BX and 18 BXi use

>the 2000067-0.


>--Tom Tyson

Thanks Tom, I took these out of something and sent them out for refoaming then forgot where they came from. I thought I removed them from a set of AR18B's and sub'd another set from something else but someone is interested in the 18's and I want to be sure I install the correct woofer. Dale


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