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instructions for KLH 3


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Not a whole lot of these early 80's speakers from this series seem to have survived the decades, but from my limited experience, I like them even though I've only owned the KLH-4 (same drivers as KLH-3, but without computer). Small but mighty, built like tanks.

Try here for info:



KLH ABC 3 .jpg


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Also found these original advertisements. For anyone familiar with the many and varied 60's and 70's acoustic suspension KLH models, these must look like total aliens. Ported cabinets, poly cones, PCB crossovers, and numeric model descriptors ("3" instead of "Three").

(edit: there is a nice pair of KLH-1's currently available on a popular auction site.)

KLH-3 ad.jpg

klh 1,2,3,4 .jpg

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As I mentioned, I've only had experience with the KLH-4's, which do not use the computer, and mine get wired just like any other pair of speakers. The manual from the library that was attached addresses all three models (KLH-1, 2 and 3) which use the Analog Bass Computer. Pages 5 thru 9 discuss connecting the computer; page 10 for connecting the speakers. The backside of the computer shown on pages 6 and 7 appears nearly identical to the pic shown in the second post of this thread.

Include some pics if your apparatus is different, and perhaps you'll get some help from someone who better understands this circuitry.


KLH ABC hook-up.jpg

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Like I said, I do not have personal experience with the computer, but I should have explained that the pics in post 2 are not my speakers - - they have never been in my possession. I am just trying to help with some information that I have filed away from prior research. I think if you evaluate the pic showing the wired computer and then read the manual, you should probably be able to assemble your system. 

FWIW, these are my KLH-4 speakers, which do not use the computer but outwardly look identical to the KLH-3. I would suspect that the crossovers in these two models have minor differences, but I can only vouch for the KLH-4.


rear, x-o.jpg

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i am only asking for where does the cables go, the computer in library, for klh1-2, are not the same as mine?

the red and white comes from?

and "loudspeakers monitor" kables from the computer goes to the speakers?

how should the buttons be pucshed, wich should be puched in and wich out?

(sorry if my spelling is´nt right!)

mvh ice69


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I have recently bought KLH 3 speakers with analogue bass computer, I would like to know regarding the power supply specifications as it mentions 13 / 14 v  50 / 60 Hz near the plug in socket of the analogue bass computer module I would like to know wether  it  is A/C or D/ C supply and what is the amperage ? as the person who sold the unit has given me a barnd Seasonic model SSA -0651-1 power supply ac I NPUT 100 - 240 V - 2 A 50/60 HZ, DC output +12V 5 A i am concerned and not sure wether this power supply is right for connecting to the unit. Kindly let me know if the power supply is compatible or should I arrange to custom make another with the right specifications? please advise and share information.



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I am unable to offer any additional info on the original power supply, but it does appear that it was intended to deliver 13 or 14 volts DC (amperage unknown) to the computer, as you have already noted from the back of the computer. The Seasonic adapter delivers 12 volts DC, is rated at 5 amps, and operates from universal AC voltage between 100 to 240 volts, but it is unclear to me if it will safely drive the computer.

The operating manual from the Library (and noted in second post of this thread) describes various wiring set-ups dependent upon your specific amplifier taps, and also notes minimum power requirements. It appears that the "Loudspeaker Monitor" wires connect to the speaker terminals of your amplifier along with the speaker wires themselves, resulting in two wires connected to each of these terminals on your amp. 

Edit: from the discussion in this attached thread, it appears that the converter needs to deliver AC voltage to the computer which would negate the use of your Seasonic adapter. 


KLH-3 ABC.jpg

seasonic adapter.jpg

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I am kind of replying to my own  topic. Please give me time to understand how to use the site.  I did see the questions a person told me to look at, I’ll bet I read it fifty times trying to answer it. Any way I see it’s been years since the questions about hooking up the 1. 2 3 and 4s up was asked. I hope their are a few people around that still have them. I am currently renewing a pair of 6s and really like reading about them on here. Just one more question , does any body know of any place that could troulbshoot an abc I am having trouble with a 2,3,or4 computer, it is the same computer or all three speakers, only the 1 computer is different. Again thank you for letting me join such a loyal klh group. 

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