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4x woofers - need advice on repairing cone AND surround


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Hi, I am restoring1 a pair of 4x's and was hoping for some advice.  One woofer cone has a radial tear near it's outer edge that actually continues right into the surround material for about 1/4". The cone-part of the tear is about 1-1/4" long.

In my research so far, I've found quite a bit of info about replacing woofer surrounds and entire cones, but not much about repairing tears in original cones.  So here are my questions

  1. What are the recommended materials/methods for repairing tears in paper cones, if any?  I've found everything from using pieces of coffee filter paper and scrapbooking glue to using pieces of paper towel applied with ordinary Elmer's wood glue (really?).  Or perhaps there is no recommended approach because the choice of materials to use is not that critical (within reason)?
  2. The woofer surrounds aren't like anything I've encountered before - they seem to be made of some sort of fabric that's been coated with a sticky rubber-like compound - they are a (dirty) yellow color and have a lot of minute debris stuck to them.  They also appear to have uneven wrinkles in them at different spots around the cone.  Are these original?  Should I not touch them?  There is no noticeable voice coil rubbing and this woofer sounds fine except for occasionally fuzz being produced by the tear.
  3. Is it reasonable to try to fix this tear at all, given that it spans the paper cone and the surround material?

Sorry for initially having no pictures...I can upload later if that would help.


Thanks very much,



1 And enjoying the heck out of doing so.

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