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AR3 back to original

Guest mazur

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I just re-installed the original tweeters on my AR-3 (I had installed Dynaudios), and yes it does sound a lot smoother and pleasing. When I first got my AR-3 I was suffering from BMSS (bright modern speakers syndrome) and the AR-3 sounded a bit dull, but the more I listen the more I enjoy the original tweeters. Thanks to the group for the suggestions and help on soldering the aluminun wires.

Well, now the question is: should I revert the crossover to the original? I have the Layne audio x-over upgrade currently installed. Any comments are appreciated.

Thanks again.



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Guest SteveG


Great story about returning to the original tweeters.

There has been a lot of disci=ussion about "upgrades" to caps and other crossover components in these discussions. But on balance it does not seem anyone has made a case for "fixing" anything that isn't broken. It would be a great experiment if you would retrofit one of your AR 3's to the original crossover and then listen critically for a while. I am sure all would love to hear youe comments on whether there is an audible difference, and if so what it is. This, of course, assuming the original crossovers were working well when you removed them. Looking forward to your reactions!!


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