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Driver/replacement part numbers

Guest Bret

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Some time ago I proposed that we collect info to be able to post a part number and photo of each driver for each speaker AR made that we're interested in restoring.

We'd really need a "collection spot" that we don't have (not because Mark isn't giving it to us, but because it would be very difficult to do).

So, I propose that we just develop a speaker driver part-number reference. What is the number on the back of an AR-303's midrange, for instance? How about if there was a single text file called, "303 drivers.txt" that gave original and replacement part numbers (along with commentary like "DO/DON'T use the replacements.")

My thought, and I'd be happy to be corrected, is that maybe a file PER MODEL be submitted to Mark for permanent posting. That way I could contribute what I know, you can contribute what you know, and by-the-by we'd end-up with a pretty good resource for anyone who came here trying to restore a pair of ARs. (giving original and acceptable replacement part numbers)

The files could be recorded as text files per model which makes it much, much easier than any of us trying to accumulate the data on a spreadsheet and keep it current and then ask Mark to continuously update the list. Too much work for him, too many opportunities for error.

What say you all?


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