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Allison Ones - New Restoration Project - Looking for some pointers


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Hello All,

I just picked up a pair of Ones for my next restoration. From what I have seen so far all of the drivers are functional but the crossovers will need to be rebuilt, the cabinets will have to be repaired and refinished and the grills could use some touching up. I have joined the Allison group on Yahoo but find the way Yahoo does its groups extremely hard to navigate. I would rather start here and see if anyone can answer a few basic questions.

1. It looks like all four of the woofers have been recently refoamed but one has two small tears in the surround. The refoaming actually looks like it was really well done and I do not want to redo it if I don't have to. Most of the refoam kits come in 4 packs. If I can find a single, is there any downside to having 3 one way and one different. Or... can I get by with a little silicone or other foam repair technique?

2. Two of the midranges are severely dented. I have read that some have had millersound do repairs on them. Is there a huge sonic difference on a dented in dome? Is there any way to practically repair them? I am skilled with soldering and electrical circuits but have not taken apart enough drivers to really know whats going on inside.

3. Two of the tweeters have tiny dimples but the other two are almost completely crushed in. They still produce sound and actually don't sound too bad. Again, any chance of recovery or is it best to leave them as is and look for replacements in better shape on eBay?

4. I am going to be rebuilding the XO's (No information going to the tweeters). I have read about some modification of the circuit to have the control switch control imaging rather than tone. In my situation I cannot place them next to the side walls so I figured a little extra imaging control might be handy. I also have no idea how I will like them compared to my KLH Fives and may end up reselling them when I am finished. Is this modification at all desirable to a collector, or would I be better off sticking with the original circuit?

5. All four of my grills are in one piece but they each have small cracks. Are there any known techniques for bringing these cracks back together?

I have attached a picture of the worst set of drivers. As stated they all produce sound but I am interested in getting the best performance I can get without replacing parts.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys,


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Well... My night may have just been ruined. remember how I said the woofers looked like they had been professionally refoamed? It looks like all four were replacements. They Say KSC Transducer. The mounting pattern is perfect. Wondering if these may be a driver offered by Allison at some point or if its someone's well this should work type of deal.

Pictures attached...

This may be turning into a salvage project pretty quickly.



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After spending some time at the yahoo group I have decided that its best to part this set out. The woofers seem to be a random out of spec replacement. Without a full set of drivers a restore is not very practical for me at this point. Good news for you guys though... There are plenty of quality parts available. Check the for sale section for more info.

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