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HT with AR9/AR91.5 - incredible !! <G>

Guest Nigel

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We recently moved from Oklahoma to Minnesota, and I now have out HT useable. The house is half finished, so for the time being the HT and music systems are combined.

We have a Marantz 6.1ch receiver, running in 5 channel mode, serving solely as a pre-amp. The front speakers are AR9, each vertically bi-amp using the amp sections of Onkyo TX8500 receivers (ca.1976), the rear speakers are AR91.5 driven by an Adcom 545 II. The TV's amp and speakers take care of the center channel, on the "small" setting. The ARs are all on "large".

In OK the system consisted of AR Hi Res speakers, AR7 front, AR17 surrounds and AR4C center, driven by an Onlyo TX787 receiver, with the AR7's woofers driven by an Adcm 545 II.

I miss the 787, the Marantz is not in the same league in ease of use, flexiblity, etc, and no where near in amplifier performance.

We watched McHale's Navy yesterday, we had watched it several times in Oklahoma, fun movie, but somewhat subdued. With the current set up, it is anything but subdued. The explosions are incredible, really showing the difference between large "modern" ported speakers (HiRe AR7) and the classic AR9 and AR91.5.

THe only regrets I have about the HiRes speakers is buying them in the first place. They were a waste.

Nigel F Misso

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You should see what your speakers are capable of if you fed them some real power from a high current amp. I'm currently using modified AR 9's for my mains, modified 90's for the surrounds and a custom built center that consists of two OEM AR 8's with the tweeter / upper mid "plate" from an AR 9LS. The mains are fed by a modified Sunfire Signature ( rated at 1200 wpc @ 4, actually clips at over 1450 wpc @ 4 ) and a modified Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature ( 600 wpc x 5 @ 4 ohms ) to feed the center, surrounds and dual subs. With over 6500 wpc on tap and six 12's, four 10's and six 8's, i can EASILY achieve high spl's that are crystal clear.

As a side note, my experience with AR 9's and 90's is that they REALLY, REALLY, REALLY benefit from big, clean power. Bi-amping with two smaller amps definitely helps if you don't have a "big brute" of an amp.

Glad that you like your new set-up. Hopefully, you'll be able to stumble across some killer deals that will allow you to "feed the beasts" the amount of power that they really need and deserve : ) Sean


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