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Needed: KLH 6 Woofer


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Hello! I've been working to restore a pair of KLH Sixes that someone was using as sawhorses in their garage! I've sanded them down, repaired all the damage (including two cuts into the cabinets from a circular saw), replaced veneer on the front edges, stained them and applied 5 coats of tung oil, checked the resistors and recapped them (after spending hours chipping through the epoxy poured around the crossover components!) and sealed the surrounds.

Unfortunately, the dc resistance of one of the woofers is quite a bit higher than it should be (10.2 ohms), and as a result its output is noticeably lower than the other one. I'm assuming this is due to some past damage to the voice coil.

In any case, I've been watching ebay for quite a while now for a replacement, with no success. The ones I've seen are either way too expensive or did not appear to be correct.

So, I'm sending out an appeal to the CSP crowd to see if anyone has a KLH Six woofer that they would be willing to sell. Ideally, it would be one with the light-colored surrounds (versus the black one), but either would do!

Thanks very much.

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