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Replacement pots

Guest abbedd

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For a 2a. The original says Pollack Boston Mass

There are two terminals marked 1 and the one in the middle

The replacement is At-40H

There are three terminals 1,2 ,3 at the top. None in the middle

Is #2 (the one in the middle on the top) the equivilant of the one in the

middle of the old pot



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I will answer my own question as I have completed the job

The two outside terminals of the new style pots are the same as the two on the top of the old style. The one in the middle is the same as the one in the middle of the old one. I am told that it connects to the resistive wiper.

If you turn the mid pot almost all the way down and the high pot a little shy of maximum the 2ax is one hell of a speaker. HP of TAS likes the 2as better. So did I. Probably because I have the pots turned down the way I like them.

Dig those paper woofers . No foam to rot. I really recommend the new pots. You have to take out the woofer. Leave the mid and tweeter alone. Shower after you finish. The fiberglass insulation can cut your eye.

I will not buy a speaker without pots. Except for Bozak

Symphonies :-)


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