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KLH Model 6.


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I'm new here! Shane is my name. Living in West London, England.

Very recently I won a pair of KLH Model 6 Speakers on the famous action site. This will be my very first time to own a KLH Speaker! I'm awaiting them, I don't have them with me yet.

I'm not very sure what age my particular Model 6 are? Please see the pics below (Not taken by me!)

What is their impedance and sensitivity? Do I have to be careful with amp matching with the Model 6?

I have 2 Solid State Integrated amps. 1. Exposure XV Integrated. 2. Marantz Model 1040.

Like all Exposure amps..... The Exposure XV has a famous ''Switch on Thump'' This is very common with Exposure amps..... The ''Thump'' Is pretty safe with modern speakers, but I don't know if the KLH Model 6 will take it???



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Hello Shane-

Great speakers!

I think that the nominal impedance is around 6 ohms.

The pair I had were very power hungry- sounded best with lots of power, 75-125 watts per side.

Woofers were very strong and durable, one of my tweeters was DOA and had to be replaced, luckily this same tweeter was used in the # 17s and other KLH models and was easy to find.

Mine sounded best between 8 & 14 inches off the floor.

These had the reputation of being best for acoustic music, not really favored for rock- kind of the old "East coast vs west coast" sound thing.

I loved mine and am now looking for another pair.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

PS- is Paulo Nutini big across the pond?

I here him sometimes on the overhead muzak in the grocery but no one is aware of him in Maryland.

Can't wait for a tour!

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