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Audio Note foams for model E Vifa 8 inch - I'm sold!


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I recently refoamed a Model EIII (Vifa M21WN-07) woofer with foam from Audio Note (AN) in the UK.

WT2 testing of the recent refoam compared to a prior refoam with one of my 'standard' 8 inch foams showed the AN foam's results very close to original compared to st'd foam which were not.

The AN foams are very expensive at 15 lbs sterling each plus shipping. However, I don't know of another source of similar quality foam, let alone a lower price. The standard foam resonant frequency (Fs) was 39 hz vs 26 for the AN foam that was yet to be broken in. Qts for AN = 0.23 vs 0.53 for st'd foam.

The roll measures 11/16 wide on top which is quite wide for an 8 inch foam. The general feel of the foam is quite supple. It's easy to tell it will yield a very low resonant frequency for its size.

IMO, the bottom line is if you want to maintain the performance of your Snell speaker which utilizes the Vifa woofer, you should consider the AN foams. Visit their web site's support page for contact information.

Also IMO, the Snell Model E speakers are very worthy of the AN foams.

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