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Dynaco A-25 woofer and tweeter screws


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Does anyone know what screws I should purchase (I usually just go to Home Depot) for installation of Dynco A-25 woofers and tweeters? In the past, I've just used whatever was there. I was recently given a pair of (1971ish SEAS) Dynaco caninets with crossoves, but no drivers or driver screws. I'm going to refinish them and use them as my "project cabs" (dropping in different drivers to see how they sound) until I can gather the proper drivers. I suppose I could "eyeball it" and bring a woofer and tweeter screw from one of my finished pairs to HD, but I'd rather be more precise if possible. Thanks!


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Hi there

I've seen black painted screws in the cheap hardware sections from offshore.

Black antique screws are also available.

Just for your information there was also chromed screwheads used at some point in time and are more readily available.

Mounting T-nuts and running a glue bead around the nuts perimeter is another more secure mounting method you might consider, Colin.

When I replaced my AR-LST tweeters, I bought stainless steel socket head bolts, for contrast, instead of re-using the OEM dome head bolts..

Ckeck out the Lee Vally catalogue for sizes available.

Another thought is, just to buy Phillips head screws, if you're fixed on that and just paint the heads black.

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While I have found pre-painted screws at places like Home Depot, I've more often just purchased inexpensive screws and painted them myself.

It's easy to do by sticking them in a piece of cardboard or styrofoam with the heads up and spraying.

I used some #6 wood screws - seemed to fit just fine.

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