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AR 58BX parting


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I sold the bass drivers from a mint set of AR 58BX speakers for more than I was advertising the whole speakers for. The enclosures, grills, stuffing, and mid/tweeter assemblies remain. The mid/tweeters are original and have not been refoamed (nor do they need it). The remainder is in practically new, mint condition. I'm using them for speaker stands behind a front projection screen to get the L/R speakers up to the same height as the center. The whole enclosures are probably too heavy to make shipping worthwhile, even though the addition of a modern 12" driver might make a very nice pair. I'll break out any part for separate sale. The stuffing appears to be white poly, rather than the yellow fiberglass that was in all my classic AR's. Grills are like new. Pm me if anyone has an interest. They are not going anywhere and I'll post updates if anything is sold.

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