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AR 2ax Restoration Completed


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This is not my first stab at restoring old speakers, but this one was special, and I had lots of help because of the folks on this site and a lot of experts in the field. Mine had all the usual problems, like rotted surrounds, so mine must be later models. Then the crossovers got new caps, and good ones at that. Amazingly, both tweeters and MIds were fine. Better yet, the pots were salvageable with just a little Deoxit and some spinning. The cabinets were in terrible shape. Used as plantstands, and no amount of sanding helped very much. I stripped the cabinets with Fromby's Furniture Refinisher, and was amazed how quickly all the old finish came off. You have to work quickly on a small area at a time, but the results were amazing. Re-oiled with Howard Restore a Finish in walnut. Poor boy training called for open weave burlap in white. OK, they are not new looking, but they are old, and have that great patina look. Sound; my goodness. I am listening to music instead of speakers. I have others, like Dahlquist, Celestion, Advent and AR2's. Can't wait to hook them all up to my big Adcom unit with their speaker selector.

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