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wtb: Infinity speakers


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I want to buy a pair of infinity RSIIB speakers with the equalizer. Others I may be interested in depending on price/condition/distance would be RS 4.5, maybe RS 2.5 but I already own a pair and kind of want to step up a little. The following are unlikely but you never know what price someone may be willing to part with them for or what I may stretch for in a weak moment: IRS Gammas,omega's, epsilons, or even though I don't really have an appropriate place for them, RS 1B's as I've always drooled over them. I only want one pair and would prefer to find RSIIB's or 4.5's. I would prefer not to get into shipping both due to cost to have them appropriately shipped and the risk. I would drive at most 500 miles to pick them up, again price/condition may reduce that distance. I live close enough to Charlotte North Carolina to call that the measuring point on distance.

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