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I just got AR-208v on Ebay.

They look almost new, sound wonderful and look gorgeous with tiny beautiful cabinets, and I am so glad I made a right decision to purchase this model.

I have almost all the models of classic AR's including AR-3a and 7, and AR-7 is my favorite model among small classic models ( 4x, 6. and 7 with 8 inch woofer ).

While I was listening to 208v comparing to AR-7, I was so astonished 208v sounds so wonderful, and I felt somehow it sounds better than AR-7 to me, especially with its crispy clear sound.

I have a question about these model and NHT super zero.

With my best knowledge, I believe both 208v and super zero were produced when Mr.Kantor was working in Benecia, CA for AR and NHT during mid 90's.

I heard NHT super zero had very good reputation, even some critic commented its mid and high range sounds like $3,000 speakers in Stereofile magazine.

Does anybody know if AR-208v was identical model to Super Zero, since both were under Mr.Ken Kantor with almost same price range?

Were both used with same woofer and tweeter?

Anyhow, I am enjoying now beautiful music with 208v with tight bass crispy mids and clear highs. Maybe I have to unbox AR-303a which have been stored in closet for long time.



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Hi there

First came the Zero and then the re-designed Super Zero.

A very small, cute little fella.

It has amazing output within it's limitations.

NHT made a very compatible subwoofer to mate with it.

I guess that an electronic crossover would be needed to add a subwoofer now.

Stereophile did give it a great review within it's limits.

I saw a new pair in a local speaker store here years ago for $450.00 a pair.

Fluked out and found a used pair locally for $40.00 and bought a spare tweeter off the net.

The Super One was a later and better speaker system, as I understand it.

I am not certain if what I read was Ken Kantor used a woofer that had been previously tried in another AR speaker.

When the Super Zero was out I had my heart set on the unreachable, Ken's NHT 3.3's.

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