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Boston A400's vs T930 II's and A100's...


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I have a pair of A400's and I sometimes see some T930 II's and A100 series II's for sale. How do these speakers compare? Will the T930 have as much or more bass than the A400's? I once had a pair of A70 II's and want to try the A100 II's purely out of curiosity. If I could find them, I would try to find a pair of T1030's...but no luck yet. I like the A400's and I like low bass.

Any thoughts on how these speakers compare? Is it worth a try to get a pair of T930 II's and A100 II's at a reasonable price to give them a listen?

thanks in advance for any feedback,


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Below is "verbatim post "for another T930II subject:

"Not to "diss" Steve (or Andy Kotsotos, who did the original 930), but the Series Two was RADICALLY different than the original. The crossover topology of the Series II bore NO resemblance to the original. For both far- field (reverberant) and "near field" listening conditions, the sonic differences between the two were large enough to think one was listening to different brands. If I had to characterize these diferences, the original had that "concert hall" warmth, while the Series II was more "detailed" or "analytical".

The T830 also underwent a radical change in its crossover design (but retaining the original driver placement). I can’t remember if their was a model # change, but again, the audible differences were HUGE.

Regarding these very pronounced audible differences, I’m not saying which is "better". The best analogy I can give is comparing the AR3a to the AR 9/10/11 seies. Some prefer the "original 3a sound" to the newer ones. With no access to sales data, I couldn’t tell you if the "improved versions" did well or poorly in the stores. Off course, since I voiced the "improved" versions, I naturally believe the later versions were "better" ...LOL.

Of the three "towers", my personal favorite is the T830 (with the newer crossover)! It may not have the bass capabilities of its larger siblings but had the smoothest and most neutral sound in both the far and near- field. I’m theorizing it probably had better power response because of its smaller midrange driver. The 830 were also easier to move around for best placement. Add a powered sub and that would be MY ideal BA system for "stereo listening’ in it’s simplest form.

The irony of my post is I never OWNED any of the towers mentioned despite my "re-working" the crossovers ("voiced them"). Maybe someday! "

I would think there wwould be a LARGE difference between the the 930II and the A400; like the difference between the classic AR 3a vs the Teleydyne AR 9. 10, 11 series. At least a ten year span between the A400 and the 930 series 1(longer for the Series II). The Series II employed all the "advances" in developing the T1030. So if you heard the T1030 and didn't like them, you probably wouldn't like the 930II either.

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I didn't see this thread before I replied on the other one.

May be this one is more relevant.

My experience is below:


Boston Acoustics T1030 vs A400 Comparison
This is limited to moderate volume (not high) and in a small room.
Results may be different at louder volume in larger room.

T1030 (All Original, foam surrounds look good, no tears, not rotting but they may be softer due to age):
Very smooth sounding speakers with great but soft bass thump.
Mids/highs are very good except they sound little softer/smoother and slightly recessed when compared against A400.
I can hear soft bass extension that doesn't end too abruptly.

A400 (All mids and woofer foam surrounds re-foamed with genuine fillet foam surrounds few months ago):
Almost exact sound characteristics as T1030 but little more dynamic, specially the highs/mids sound more open, brighter and louder.
I hear more high frequency musical instruments with vocals while in T1030, some high music notes are not at the same level as vocals.
That adds little more sizzles on A400's and sounds little forward.
Bass is tighter in A400's and it ends earlier than T1030 so it feels like bass is punchier in A400's while softer in T1030.
Overall, A400's feel like they have little more grunt/power on everything, highs/mids/lows.
Strings sound brighter in A400's but not too bright.

I'm guessing if I listen to speakers all day, T1030 may be better as it's slightly smoother and may not have ear fatigue over the long run.
But if I have to pick one pair, it'll be A400's without hesitation.
A400's just sound very free, open and like live music.
T1030's are not far behind but feels little bit constrained on everything by slight margin except longer low extension.

When listening to songs on A400's, it feels energetic while T1030's sound little relaxed.

T1030's are on my top list along with A400 and L100T.

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