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Wanted: Audio Analyst 'M-6 Phase Matrix' Speakers


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I purchased the pair of M-6 speakers back in 1980. A few years back one speaker got stollen leaving me with just one. Here's the info I've gathered :

The 'M6' speakers were made from approx 1977-82 (according to the Orion

Blue Book) Their official tag was 'M-6 Phase Matrix'. Acoustic Suspension

design. 12" woofer, 4.5" mid and 1" cone tweeter & .5" dome tweeter. Freq

response 30-20kHz. 88dB efficiency. 8/6 Ohms imp. 24" tall and 45 lbs.

Original Retail $600.00 pair. All from my 1978 'Audio Directory'

The M-6 I have/had was a three way with the woofer, mid and dome tweeter all lined up in a verticle fashion. Two rocker switches on the front controlled the mids and highs, Cabinet is a dark walnut. The front grill is black with rounded corners.

I need only one but will purchase a pair if any were available.

The one remaining speaker is now boxed up. If needed I can unbox it and upload photos. Thanks.

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