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Refinishing AR1 speakers


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I need some questions answered about refinishing some old AR1 speakers. First I pulled out the drivers because they have tears in the fabric and they are so old they have dry rot along the seams. I was going to have these reconed. Where do I cut the wires? How do I put the dirvers back in after reconing? Second

can I take out the acoustic blanket to refinish the box? The wood that the speaker sits on has been split away from its face plate.

What can I do about this? Can I reglue it or will the box not be good anymore because there will be air leaks? The speakers sounded good before I took the drivers out but the top of the box needs to be refinished definately. Do I have to take the speakers out and the blanket to refinish it? The other box needs to be reveneered. Can I also use the woofers in the AR1W to replace

the AR1? Tweeters in the AR1 seem to be fine. They are 755A,

what doe's this mean? Any information about refinishing these

speaker box would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your helpJohn.

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