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Vintage AR Level Pots--excellent condition


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ALL GONE< NOW> I decided to refurbish all my classic AR speakers and ordered new caps and L-pads from "Vintage AR". In doing the job, I discovered that the pots were in surprisingly good condition. In any event, I had already removed them and I went ahead and replaced them with the L-pads and correct bridging resistors. I think these pots may be useful to anyone wanting to do an "all original" restoration. You can see from the picture that they don't have any visible corrosion or wear. I didn't disassemble all of them, but all that I did look just like the two that are shown disassembled in the picture. I have 10 in total. 4 have the red plastic shafts (from a pair of AR-2ax and the other 6 have the aluminum shafts. I will sell these for $5 each, plus $6 shipping for all 10. I will sell fewer than all 10.

On a related note, I have the original silver electrolytic caps from the AR3a and Ar2ax. I don't have the capability to check these for values, but they are intact with no leakage. If they have value to anyone, pls e-mail me. I am assuming the brown square caps from the Industrial Condenser Corp have no value to anyone.

Contact at ankrum@sbcglobal.net


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