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Thanks Mark and Steve F


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Yes, the full-line catelog came with the 2ax's I purchased in 1971. AR had included their catalog for a while--my father's 4x's came with the catalog also, back in 1969.

That was not all: AR also included informational article reprints on audio subjects along with the catalog and --with the 4x's, not the 2ax's!-- wall-mount hardware, all in a manilla envelope marked "Important Information--Do Not Discard."

All of this left a very positive "post-purchase" impression on the new AR owner, and served to confirm the correctness of your decision to buy AR speakers, quite apart from their superior audio performance. As I've said before, the AR of that time period--about 10-12 years from the early 60's to the early 70's-- was a once in a lifetime company, and I feel privileged to have experienced them at their peak.

Steve F.

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