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OLA - what do I need to know to restore them?


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G'day all

I'm getting a pair of Original Large Advent Speakers.

I haven't got them yet. But they look like this:


The description said:

For sale is a pair of (1970's) original 2-way Advent speakers in walnut cabinets. The woofer foam surrounds need replacing (foam kits approx. $25) but otherwise the speakers work fine. The cabinets have light scratches & one of the speaker covers is broken.

Now what do I need to know? I have restored a pair of AR-3a before thanks to you people. Pretty much the same? What caps do I need to get?

I've done a little search here and it's kinda confusing with all that crossover revisions and inductors etc.

Advices sought with gratitude!

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Ok here are some details I got for me:

  • For replacing foams - this eBay stuff that's the cheapest I can get (incl postage to Australia).
  • (x2) 8.2 uf (400 vdc) Jantzen audio crosscaps (metallised polypropylene) - couldn't find 8 uf...is this big deal?
  • (x2) 15 + 1 uf (400 vdc) Jantzen audio crosscaps (metallised polypropylene).
  • DeOxit the switch inside the cabinet?

Wonder what to do what to do about the grilles though. The replacements are like $100 shipped to Australia.

Any suggestions/advices? Am I better off replacing the inductors or something? Don't even know what they are!


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