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Teledyne Acoustic Research AR-9 series (the verticals: vintage late 70s)


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Does anyone have information on the general history surrounding the old AR-9 (not AR-9LS) series from the late 70s/early 80s? Would love to know who was on the design team, how the design came about, personnel who worked on the design of the AR verticals (old AR9).

In my opinion, this was the pinnacle of AR speaker design and the later series from 9Ls on were not as good. I could be wrong, so if you have info to the contrary, feel free to share it. But I am partial to the old AR-9s with the acoustic blankets. I don't think any of the AR speakers before or since could match them. And the stuff out today, having been corrupted in design philosophy by cheap home surround sound entertainment "home theater" has lost the design goal of strict accuracy of loudspeakers.

This is my take on things. Please share what you know. Love to find out any 'tidbits' that are solid information.

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