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AR 1200011-2 Tweeter Need HELP !


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I am in the process of restoring a set of AR12 speakers. I have run into a problem that one of the tweeters is not working at all. The Markings # are 1200011-2.

A few questions ?

1.Does anyone have one they want to sell that works as designed no problems ?

2. Does anyone know where I can find 1 to buy ?

3. Does anyone know off a place that is good with, and may possibly be able to fix it?


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What you got is the 8 ohm version of the AR-10Pi/AR-11 tweeter. Not so many of them around, but ebay.com might (again) be your best source for a spare driver. I have seen an original replacement unit, which was an 4 Ohm unit (1200011-1) with a resistor connected to one pole and glued to the back (2.7 Ohm as har as I remember). This will maybe reduce the output somewhat, but solve the impedans issue.

I have had two 1200011-1 sucessfully repaired by this man: www.sinevoice.com located in Belgrade Yougoslavia; not an easy solution.

BRgds Klaus

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Try to send it to Larry of Vintage AR, he fixed a 3a Improved tweeter (same as late 3a) for me. If it’s a broken lead underneath the plastic taped front, you may even be able to do it yourself.

Fixing the original tweeters is the right approach, as anything else, other than an identical model replacement, will be a compromise.


P.S. Correction: after looking at a picture of your tweeter I don’t think you have the plastic taped front, so the internal wiring may not be accessible at all. I’m no expert, so I’ll let someone else give their judgment.

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