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For Sale or Trade:Pair EV Aristocrat III's-Blonde Finish


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I love the looks of these speakers and after hearing a friend's also loved the sound. I planned to use these as my main speakers, thinking my wife would think they were as cool as I did. WRONG!! She told me she absolutely hated them and thought they were hideous. I could not get her to budge, she said I could use them in my shop but they're too big for that so I guess I've got to put them up for sale or trade. One of them I purchase complete and it has an "ARISTO III" marking on a paper tag from the factory. The other I found with an EV 12trx in it and searched around until I came up with an EV-12W, T-20 w/ 8HD horn, a T-35 tweeter horn, both the X-36 and X-8 crossovers and L-pads. The 12W may need some work, I'm not sure but it seems very tight. Also, the L-pads on both probably need cleaned. I've got about $1000 in the pair and I'd just like to get that back out of them and call it a wash. If you'd also like the EV 12trx, which works, you can have that for an extra $45.00. I've also got another blonde cabinet that had a University trx speaker in it that I'll throw in if you'd like. As you know if you're looking at this ad, these things are big and heavy so they're probably going to go to someone within driving distance or someone who's coming to SE PA for some reason. I don't have any pics yet but I can get some if you're serious about these speakers, or you can come by and see them if you want. I'm looking for a nice Marantz 15 amp, a Shure V15 type III in excellent or NOS condition, Rectilinear III tall boys, vintage Fisher and Scott amps, preamps and tuners, etc. Thanks for looking and feel free to get back to me with trade offers.

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