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Need some help identifying what I am looking at.


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To make a long story short, a few pairs of AR's have came into my possession.

1 pair 2ax

2 pair 4x

AU amp


And a pair of large advents. Needs refoaming.

I have already restored both pairs of 4x's and the 2ax. New caps in both, refoamed the 2ax's, and replaced the blown tweeters in the 4x's.

Now what I am confused on is this:


2ax on the left, and a 2a on the right. 2ax woofer is not stock as far as I can tell, 2a is original AR.

Now did someone attempt to convert the 2a into a 2ax? That tweeter is some Japanese off brand, I have no idea what they were thinking.

Also, can someone identify these two drivers? Any help would be appreciated.




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The tweeter 1210038-0 is for AR 93s,94s,94si,18s,18b,8b,8b,28b,38s,hfc 1.25,av-18.A couple of days ago I asked about tweeters for my AR-8 and RoyC replied that any of the 1.25 cone tweeters would be a good match.So this would also be good for AR 6,7,8,4xa,7x,17,18,25 and mst-1.Hope that helps.


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