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AR2ax for sale


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I'm not interested in these, but thought someone else might be. A local business to me (in Peoria, IL. has 2 pair of AR2ax for sale. I've no idea what they are asking and am not even sure they've made a final determination on what to sell them for. The cabinets and grills appear to be in good to excellent condition but I've no idea what the drivers are like.

The name of the busines is Electronics Diversified located in Peoria, IL. The owners are Don Gort and Don Baker.

Suite 100 100 Walnut Street, Peoria, IL 61602-5132

(309) 497-0100

The last I knew, they still and a restored AR turntable for sale as well.

They also have a very large collection of vintage speakers and stereo equipment from almost everyone worth talking about for sale or on hand waiting for the right person to ask for it.

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