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Restoring AR 2Ax Badges


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I was able to clean the "a" scripts using brasso on my AR 2Ax speakers. These are the brass with pins soldered to the backside which just pin onto the grill cloth.

A more difficult problem is the square brass plates with the AR Inc. label silk screened onto them. I tried using Q-tips with Brasso but quickly discovered that the Brasso was removing the print from the surface. I scanned in the other badge which had not been touched in order to capture the logo in a *.tif format using 1200dpi resolution. I then erased all the image of the brass in Adobe Photoshop. I know have the cleaned up image files which include only the AR logo and the perimeter of the badge outline as normal left to right image and also as a reverse image as if viewed from the back side.

I am planning to use my HP inkjet printer to print onto a transparency and see if I can transfer the ink to the surface of the cleaned up piece of brass. I found some on-line instructions of methods to do this. Alternatively it is possible to print onto transparency material using a laser printer and use a heat transfer method using an iron carefully. It might also be possible to just glue a transparency to the brass surface with some sort of clear glue.

Has anyone tried their hand at doing it in a similar way?


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