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EPI 200B Question


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I have a pair of beautifully restored EPI 200B speakers. These are two-way floorstanders that also have a 12-inch passive radiator. The tweeter, woofer and PR are vertically aligned. But if you look closely, you can tell that the tweeter and woofer are mounted slightly to the left of center of both cabinets.

Both my speakers have odd-numbered serial numbers. I'm wondering if they were originally sold as pairs, with one odd and one even SN, and if they were supposed to be mirror-imaged--that is, would the odd-numbered speaker have had its drivers mounted just to the left of center, while the even-numbered speaker having its drivers mounted just to the right of center, allowing the owner to place them so the drivers were (perhaps in most cases) toward the center (toward the other speaker) for improved imaging (or to reduce reflections from the side walls).

I know this mirror-imaging was done in some later designs by many manufacturers, but I don't know if it was done when these speakers were new. If I thought it was intentional, I'd look for a couple of even-numbered speakers and have two sets (or perhaps trade one speaker so we'd each have a set!), because they sound very natural as they are, and anything that might improve them would make them that much better. (They really shine on all kinds of music, and sound uncannily real on naturalistically-recorded classical.)

You can see a manufacturer's picture of the speakers (not my pair) at http://www.humanspea...om/e/epi200.htm . Both my speakers look like the one shown without the grille, with the tweeter control at the upper right. (If they were made in mirror-imaged pairs, the other speaker would have the control at the upper left.)

Thanks in advance for your help.

David in NC

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