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KLH Model 35 Synchronicity in Stockholm


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Having spent a few hours the past few days browsing KLH info here and in other places,

not to speak of pix of this and that classic and otherwise model, imagine my surprise

today in Stockholm, where KLH is virtually unknown: with my 10-yr old son Trevor

I'm on my way to buy screws to mount the prodigal EMIT's Michael M sent me.

A few doors down the street from the only fully dedicated screw shop in Stockholm

(Sifverts) where I haven't been for a couple decades,

my son and I find a KLH Model Thirty Five speaker (pic below) abandoned on the sidewalk!

Unfortunately it had obviously been out under the stars, and to top it off

someone had planted a foot straight into the woofer. We skipped the Thirty Five,

but captured an image. Go figure...


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