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KLH Research Ten Model SCX2


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I just brought this pair of speakers out from safe-keeping storage, where they've been waiting for what I got in the mail yesterday:

4 EMIT's, appearing to be Peerless, identical to the 4 that were removed by a "former" friend who baby-sat these cabinets for a year around 1989.

He said he had burned the original EMIT's and replaced them with four nameless tweeters, ditching the originals.

Since then I had believed the SCX2's had been waiting for this weekend, ie more than 20 years!

But! While the midranges read Peerless, only now have I noticed that they are marked 85-08-21, while the SCX's are likely from about 1977.

Thus these are not originals.

The 12" woofers show no markings, and sport the huge cube-shaped magnet housing found in other well-loved KLH enclosures.

My main question, aside from the more technical one about the advisability of sourcing more appropriate midranges,

and perhaps replacing the mylar caps (though they and all other electronics look pretty happy to me), is this:

while the fact of the bean-counter destruction of the design and manufacturing philosophy

that made the physical reality of the KLH's so love-able obviously wrecked this line at last,

at the time the SCX's (SCX2 and SCX3) turned up (1977-79?), they were still being designed and manufactured

by the same men that made the apparently more love-able speakers from 5-20 years earlier,

and so why the love-ability-cutoff at a point in the late 60's?

The components are the same, cabinets are the same, the sound is as good.

My ears tell me (told me: memory serves here) that these speakers are/were stunning when I first dragged them home in 1988 or 89.

Any advice is greatly appreciated (sourcing midranges: called K040MRF 0155-006472 in KLH's wiring diagram; cap refurb? any etceteras)!

Aside from Daniel R. von Recklinghausen's homilies on how to deal with what sounds good...


still in Stockholm



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I have got the KLH Reseach ten SCX-2 in Finland, restored cases, have replaced suspensions on the basovikakh 12" and have received original columns with an excellent sound. I use a receiver of Marantz 2238 and a revolving object of lenco L78.

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