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Help with my 3A restoration


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G'day all

As some of you might know I've fixed one speaker of my AR-3A yesterday. Today's challenge I'd have thought was going to be fixing broken flanges. That was taken care of somewhat easily. But now I face the real challenge.

The mid wouldn't sound at all!

The high's fine. The woofer works. I opened up the speaker again and looked for a defective joint. But all was fine. Still it wouldn't work.

Is there something I can do about it? It worked with rusty pot before I replaced caps and pots.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Photos are after the restoration:






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This is driving me nuts.

I've bought a DMM and checked every joint. They're all connected with each other and I get some ohms everywhere.

I even checked between the speaker cable jack and the front wire board. There's signal and the mid would make some static noise even.

But when I actually hook it up to the amp, the mid is silent. Not even some static noise.

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G'day all, I've finally fixed it - the hint was here: http://danajohnhill.com/dana/2010/03/05/restoring-the-ar-3a/

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing for information?!

Now, just imagine how difficult it would have been 30 yrs ago to solve the same problem.... :-))

Cheers mate. Enjoy the music..

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Ha ha! I am happy my webpage provided some helpful information. But I should give credit where credit is due: almost everything I know about my treasured 3as I learned from this forum. When I couldn't figure out why my midrange wasn't working, someone asked if I had remembered to sand off the lacquer on the copper wire after I'd cut out the pots to clean them. No, of course I hadn't! Once I did I was back in business. The internet is, indeed, wonderful. Sites like this are the reason why.

Congratulations on your restoration.

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