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Wanted 50t Midrange and 1" Tweeter


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I need 6.5" midrange and 1" titanium dome tweeter for AR Connoisseur Model 50t. They are both open (as measured by an ohm meter), and I don't know how to repair them. I have two set of speakers. The woofer on one, and all 3 speakers on the other are fine as well as the enclosure. I am the original owner, and they have met my (our) needs really well. I've taken both the midrange and dome tweeter apart. They look ok, but the tweeter produces NO sound, and the midrange produced minimal sound. I looked at the 3R repair manual, and I don't even know if I understood what a "pot" looks like. I tried to substitute another tweeter, but 4 Ohms are hard to find, and I don't want to reconfigure the enclosure with new holes. So, I'm willing to look another at any substitute that fits the specs, eg. 4 ohm impedance and the enclosure architecture. Thanks,

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