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AR 205vc center channel


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Hello to all. I picked-up an AR 205vc center channel (in really good condition no less)at a pawn shop a few days ago; I thought that it would be a better match to my mains (Dynaudios) than the Kef I was using. I'm considering selling it but wondered if anyone on this site knew anything about it. Thanks to all!

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It's a fairly straightforward shielded MTM type center channel speaker. The manual for it is here on the site.

The 205vc was the center channel unit designed to go with the other 303 series speakers. In that series were two or three 3-way speakers, a few 2-way and a subwoofer.

The tweeter in that unit is a bit of an oddball. The 1" dome unit is different from the 3/4" unit used in all the other 303 cabinets.

Power handling is quite a bit higher than your typical center channel... I imagine it will do quite well in a theater system.


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