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Boston Acoustic A-40 Series I


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In my search for repair or replacement woofers for my little A-40's I came across this site. I thought I would share the results of my search for a suitable replacement woofer for my little gems.

They are very close to the original, a little tighter in the bottom due to the different surround. This could be considered an upgrade depending on your point of view.

I hope this helpful.

MW Audio MW-5060: 6.5" black polypropylene cone with rubber (santoprene) surround.


Boston Acoustic A40 series 1 replacement woofer: 40 watts / 40 - 5000 Hz / 1" voice coil

The original A40 series 1 woofers has been discontinued from Boston Acoustics. The 4 ohm woofer is a great replacement for the Boston Acoustics A40 series I woofer. All the specs and parameters were copied to ensure similar sound and exact physical fit. Same impedance (Re: 3.5 ohm), basket size and screw holes, so you do not have to modify the cabinet at all. The outside diameter is 6.57".

This woofer features a polypropylene cone with santoprene rubber surround.

Specifications and Small Signal Parameters

Voice Coil Impedance: 4 ohm

Rated Frequency Response: 40 - 5k Hz

Sensitivity: 89 dB SPL

(Average 500 - 2.5 kHz, 2.83V, 1 meter)

Rated Power: 40 watts

Program Power: 80 watts

Magnet Weight: 340 gr (12 oz)

Fo: 45 Hz

Re: 3.5 ohm

Qts: 0.51

Qms: 7.84

Qes: 0.54

Vas: 31 liters

Xmax: 3.8 mm

No: .49 %

6.57" outside diameter

5.59" cutout diameter

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