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AR 18 BX


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I have a pair of 18bx speakers I'd like to sell since it doesn't appear tweeters are available for replacement. The pair I have needs 1 tweeter, and both woofers re-foamed.

The drivers are all original AR.

The grille cloth is like new, and the cabinets have no dings, scuffs, edge chips or any other flaws.

I had to buy them from Goodwill since they looked so good...unfortunately one tweeter is bad, and the woofers need re-foaming.

I'd rather part them out than try to fix them so that anyone out there that is trying to restore a pair will now have a source for parts. If you want pictures I can send them to your e-mail address.

E-mail me at gdn1@sbcglobal.net if interested, or if you have a tweeter to sell.

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