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Snell late 80's Type Ci's reluctantly for Sale....


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Hi guys, I've read a lot of postings about how many people appreciate the late 80's Snell Type Ci's. I have owned my pair since the early 90's (bought them from a high-end stereo place in Santa Barbara, CA). I have never heard better speakers- maybe I haven't gotten out enough, but these things blow me away every time I sit down in front of them...

They are in great condition, except for the common degradation of the 10" sub surrounds. This website provides a very reasonable repair:


I've been bypassing the bass by just amplifying the high-end drivers and using a new sub. It works as a decent band-aid.

These speakers are in awesome condition for being 20+ years old (rear super-tweeters are not perforated, have both original grilles, etc.). The only exception are the recessed 1" hidden stands at the very bottom of the structures- they have a few dents and marks that are only visible if you get on the ground and lift up the speakers.

These things cost $1,900 in 1988 ($3,500 in today's dollars) and I am offering them for $1,200. Local pick-up would be preferable, but I can ship them wherever you want- at your cost.

Check out the pictures. It really makes me... ahem, upset to have to get rid of these "souvenirs" of my past. They're just too big for "our" new place...

Here are the pics... http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=306105&id=646748703&saved

Sean at ssimmendc @ yahoo.com

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