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Large Advents for sale by original owner


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Hi, Advent fans. I bought these in the early 1970s and they've been with me ever since. The woofers were re-foamed several years ago (not because they were overdriven, but because the original foam just rotted out), but other than that they've needed no work. They have been treated with loving care and seem to work fine. I just moved again and they don't fit into my new digs, so I'd like to sell them to someone who will appreciate them.

I think a reasonable price would be $100 for the pair, but if you believe that's unreasonable, please let me know by making another offer. As far as shipping goes... probably not cost-effective since as you know these are pretty heavy. I live near Santa Cruz, California, so it would probably only make economic sense for someone from the Bay Area or Silicon Valley to come get them, unless you have a commercial account with UPS or FedEx and can have them packed and shipped for a reasonable price. If interested, please drop me a note at first.stage (at) yahoo.com and I'll send you some photos.

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