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The Audio Amatuer HiFi index

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Hi there

This is the index that I created, about 1999, from some of my subscription copies of different hifi magazines.

The index is not a complete index and I was unable to add notations, using Open Office V3.3, to it to make it more readable to members.

I orignally used, PC File V6.5, a DOS database program, to create it, which I fully supported, after first using it as a Shareware program.

I bought various expensive programs over the years, which I didn't use of course, I really enjoyed, PC File, for it's simplicity, versatility and power.

PC-File was created by, Jim Button of Buttonware, near Seattle, Washington.

I met him once here at a computer seminar that he attended here, at Vancouver BC Canada for the Vancouver Computer Club.

Today I converted the .DBF file data over to an Open Office spreadsheet.


When I tried to open it, I was prompted for a language selection or something.

I did widen the columns a bit, once open, and I tried to add some notations at the bottom of the file, without success.

I saved it to the default file name and location without success.

The file when being saved told me that the information was too wide for that column.

I ended up deleting all of the added commentary.

To make a long story short, if I ever could, I ended up finally saving it as a, MS Excel 97/2000 .XLS file, less than 200 kb in size, with no added comments.

This index is the hifi articles I wss interested in, you may not be.

The Audio Amatuer, Speaker Builder, Popular Electronics, Radio Electronics, and Glass Audio dominate the source of information.

A few magazine names has slipped by me, AE and AU, are not in my memory banks at this time.

I entered data such as, TAA901, which is, The Audio Amatuer magazine, year 1990 and issue number 1.

This comment could not be added to my files but after saving it to a, MS Excel 97/2000 XLS file, it just may work out later.

There is a very brief manufacturers name, ex AR or Dynaco, a brief comment, such as, mod for modification or com for comment only.

There is a seperate line for each comment, such as each page number, this way I did not loose a page of an ongoing article, such as

modifying the AR-1 or AR-3A, the AR-3A is a very lengthly article in 4 overlapping issues.

There is pages and pages of Dynaco mods, including, but not limited to, KLH Nine, AR, Crown, SWTP "Tiger" and Walt Jung's, capacitor add-on bank, etc, etc, just to name a very few.

There is approximately 2,000 lines of data.

There may be typos, it is not totally complete and you may not have access to the magazine articles in question.

I cannot post any of the articles listed, here, as we may break copyright infringement laws.

Well, it appears that I am unable to attach my file here, I'm not permitted, according to the message here.

I have never had any difficulty downloading an attachment to here before.

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Maybe 200 kb is too large to upload? I don't know. Maybe Gene or Mark can comment.

I'd like a copy sent privately. PM me at my business email address.

thanks for your efforts Vern!

Hi Carl

I just emailed it to you, it's only about 150 kb.

I will share this with you all.

There was a lot of one finger typing here. LOL

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Hi Carl

I just emailed it to you, it's only about 150 kb.

I will share this with you all.

There was a lot of one finger typing here. LOL

Hi there

This is another attempt to upload thise file which is only about 94 kb in size.

I just saved it to a .pdf file.

There is 93 kb of data, 29 pages at 8 cpi and 1690 individual lines of data.

I just wrote up some helpful information about how to interpret it.

I pressed the oops key again by mistake and vanish it was gone.

I'll rest and add to this write-up later.

audioam 20110408a.pdf

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