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FS: Pair of Epicure 20 Speakers / Harmon Kardon 730


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greetings..funny how life tweaks one's priorities (as I eye the new Yamaha home theater..grr, with new wife..smile)

For sale are one-owner Epicure 20 speakers and HK 730 twin-powered receiver circa 1976.

9 1/2 years into 10 year warranty Epicure replaced the four complete woofers (amazing warranty). In '01 those woofers were refoamed, one vibrates. Crafty-in-various-ways ex-wife replaced speakers' cloth covers. Badges exist, no printed materials do.

The HK 730 appears to have one output transistors breaking down, as well the display lights are out.

Answering questions, providing pictures, and entertaining reasonable offers on either or both from my "theatered" home in Columbus, Ohio.

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