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Looking for info/opinions on Hi Res ARs

Neil in Winnipeg

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Hey folks,

I'm a newbie looking for some opinions and information the AR-11 Hi-Res model. A fellow here in Winnipeg has a mint pair for sale at the cost of $600 CDN. I've dealt with this fellow before on another sale and can vouch for his honesty. He says he purchased them for $1,400 CDN before heading overseas and had not taken them out of the box before leaving. Now they're up for grabs still in the box. Has anyone heard these and can tell me how they compare to other better known speakers of similar size? I'm thinking something like Totems or Paradigms since I live in Canada for comparison.


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Hi Neil;

I had a an AR Hi Res group for home theatre a few years ago: (note ALL Hi Res) AR7 fronts, AR17 sides and rear; AR4C center. The Hi Res series is fine for HT; but note great for stereo listening. The Hi Res AR11 was the smallest of the floor standing Hi Res series; the AR7 was the largest unpowered floor standing model; basically the same as the Hi Res AR1 but without the Sunfire amp.

For the money; I would search out a pair of AR91 speakers.

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