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Morph- EV v. HK

Guest rickcee

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Guest rickcee

OK It's a boring, slow 'why are we here' day at work . . .

If YOU were king of Recotron (and therefore owner - chief developer at AR and Advent ) what would you do ?

First - for me - I think looking 5 years plus forward, video will still be important. Trad. 'stereo' -music ? flat or continues downward trend. Modern music - will anyone want to listen to en stink in 2008? (I have a crush on Sarah Mclachlan, thou.& Lilith fair was a good, honest, even beneficial development. somewhat limited artistic range, but stronger attempt to help spotlight local artists.) Anyway

The original Advent idea - fairly high quality Audio AND Video at medium (not cheap) cost seems still viable. Therefore, as Recotron King, I order -

Develop a 40" H.D. monitor (Plasma or ?) aim for 4- 6 " thick, less than 80 lbs. 480 prog. plus one relativly easy to develop high def. No speakers in monitor. A tuner plus connec. for DVD and firewire. I think in 5 years this will be the best selling version of TV.

For Audio - I think 95 % will be totally satisfied with a 4 chan. Dol. surround. So -

Advent - develop main, front speakers - think the KLH 17 box ( I like it's proportions, finish ) with modern fairly H.Q. 8 or 10 inch two way - a modern 'small Advent' (perhaps even the Seas replacement Dynaco 10" with a good tweeter) And a good 5" two way for rear spks.

For AR - more difficult. Can you improve on the existing Polk , Paradigm mid price speakers ? I doubt it. Maybe AR would have 4 models - a subbase to add to the Advent TV system, plus very good Mini ( 5") and bookshelf (AR 5 repro.) and a 'tower' if still in fashion.Move up towards Wilson puppys ? nope.

I would DEFINATLY try for U.S. design and manufacture to use as an advertising hook.Even at 30 % higher price.

Yeah, well, anyway. Rick

PS - interesting the original Advents have suddenly developed a mid range peak - never noticed in ANY review '69 - '80 , at least that I've read. And - carping about Bose - the stereo models 901 and 301 are still being sold, right? And two 'tower' models (601. 701 ?) that are no doubt much better for music than the acoustimas models. So why the whining, other than just for sport?

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>PS - interesting the original Advents have suddenly developed a mid range peak - never noticed in ANY review '69 - '80 , at least that I've read. <

Oh, it's definitely there as well as a bass bump. Still very listenable speakers. But even the large Advent couldn't rumble like even a 2ax. The friend with the Symdex is using baby Advents for front right/left channels on his surround-sound setup. They sound terrific.

As for the Bose 901, well, AR is still selling a "9", too. Same sort of thing - side firing woofer and all that, sorta like the 901 still has that "classic" configuration. But I lost interest in the 901 after the Series II. They were inefficient as all get-out, but they were, IMO, better speakers than anything I've heard since (which I admit has been a while).

I think if your goal is to make money your ideas about the future are sound (or should I say, "Your ideas are video?"). That's where the market seems to be heading. If you are willing to make a heck of a return on your investment, just actually sell very little, then maybe marketing AR speakers to musicians or something. I hope there will still be a symphony orchestra or two left. And what of opera? If there's nobody around to do The Ring Cycle then you might as well just put the name "AR" on video patch cords and sell them in Wal-Mart.

. . . uh, wait, I'm not ready.

This must be what my grandmother felt like when her dad got a car and they quit taking the horse everywhere.


PS - Carping? No. Ill-tempered Sea Bassing. (I hope you understand the reference.)

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