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replacement tweeter for the ar lst.


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hi there,

is it possible to replace all the tweeters in an pair of lst's with hvi q1 r tweeters without changing the overall sound and dispersion to much?

original tweeters are very hard to get here in holland and in my pair of 10pi's the hivi tweeter works just fine.

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The LST casts a pretty wide dispersion pattern by its inherent physical design. Thus, I suspect, having replacement tweeters with dispersion patterns not up to original 3a 3/4 inch tweeter patterns won't be a huge problem.

Hi there

A thought that I have is to use 2 - 8 ohm tweeters when available for only the AR-LST speaker system.

By wiring 2 identical tweeters in parallel you will have a tweeter with a 4 ohm load.

This of course would mean that 2 tweeters either the left or right pair would need to be replaced together as a pair.

Efficiency would need to be very close but as Carl wrote the dispersion would not need to be so critical in this case only.

Another thought just popped up.

The AR-5 and late AR-2AX tweeters might just be the cats meow, perfect fit, sound output and efficiency and 8 ohms but only as durable as the 4 ohm tweeter.

I posted previously what method I used to obtain suitable, maybe, drivers.

These are not physically exact drop in replacement tweeters though, but more durable.

This should also allow the mid range drivers to be interchanged with the AR-5 and AR-LST 2.

The mid range drivers are very much more durable and do not seem to deteriorate like the tweeters with the foam under their domes.

Just a thought for now.

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