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Any interest in new cabinets?


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Guest dogmeninreno

>I am thinking of having a woodworking friend make exact

>copies of my AR 3a cabinets do to the condition of mine.

>Would anyone be interested in a set?

What do you think they will go for unfinished??

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I am not sure what they will run. I let my friend use my AR3a's and he said he has the tools/ bits to make new cabinets. He does beautiful work, he made all of his kitchen cabinets and has made a transmission line sub for me. We will have to figure out the price but I thought as long as he made one pair why not a few. BTW, he opted for a set of 2a's vs. the 3's. I lent him my real time analyzer and the 2's had a flatter response than the 3's in his living room. The cabinets on the 2's were better also.

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