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Naim NAP 90 and AR2ax


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Has anyone try a low power Naim NAP amp with AR2ax or similar AR speakers? I tried this last night and I was pretty impressed with the results. The bass response was clearly muted when compared with more powerful amps but the dynamics of the bass were fantastic. The highs and mids were crystal clear with much more air that I was getting from my Cary SLI 80. Is it possible that this maybe a good match even though the rated power for the NAP 90 is only 30 watts? Does anyone know what is the sensitivity of the AR2ax. Comparing the ARs to my EPOS M22s I realized that they are more efficient than the EPOS which are rated at 86 db/8 Ohms. My room is pretty small so it may just be that for me less bass is better. What do you think?

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