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iso rubber surrounds for A-40XL


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Give Larry a call at Mustang Speakers,

Mustang Speakers


20911 Delorio Street

Manor, TX 78653-4816

(512) 272-8738

He helped my find surrounds for a some Phase Dynamic Speakers that no one else could help with. His family has been in the speaker business for years in the Austin TX area. Does good work at reasonable rates.

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Boy, I have never seen anything quite like this. Someone probably tore into it. I believe the butyl surround is quite integral to the speaker assembly, not like the foam surrounds of the AR, KLH, etc. I think the real solution is to replace the speaker with a Dynaco original and if I were a betting man, I believe the regular A-25 speaker is the same. Remove the speaker and look at the designation on the magnet assembly and let us know what it is. If it is the same as a A-25 speaker, they are quite available on ebay.



need to replace rubber surrounds for A-40XL,

uses same 10" woofer as A-25XL,

are originals available?

where are these available?

do you need to use similar replacements/substitutes

thank you for any assistance

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