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Oh No - Not Another "What Rectilinear is this" thread!?!

Njord Noatun

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Hi all,

I have either found a "Frankenspeaker", or I have come across a Rectilinear III "Highboy" version I have never seen before (excitement is in the air!).

Check out eBay auction 230469481186 (hope I do not breach forum etiquette, but no affiliation whatsoever!). The drivers look all "wrong", the rear looks all "wrong", but the cabinet looks "normal" and is labeled Rectilinear III. And the baffle looks unmolested. Prototype? And how was the seller able to get the backplate off - Rectis are certainly typically (somewhat!) acessible from the front, only.

Any thoughts on what this specimen can be?

PS! WIll contact seller to see if he has any info.

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